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The skilled technicians at Azzi Hair Studio perform services that address skin concerns ranging from dry skin to unwanted hairs. For laser hair removal we are offering a brand new laser hair removal machine that is one of the most powerful lasers on the market today. Our new laser works effectively on fine and fair hair. It features a melanin reader for added safety, sapphire laser tips with advanced Contact Cooling for client comfort, and a large spot size to speed up treatments. To expedite service, please book an appointment through our online booking portal.



Laser Hair Removal
Full Leg $170.00
Underarms $40.00
Upper Lip $20.00
Lower Legs $80.00
Bikini $60.00
Full Brazilian $80.00
Back $150.00
Full Arms $100.00
Full Face $80.00
Full Body $500.00
Laser Hair Removal
Cheeks $30.00
Neck $40.00
Back $180.00
Cheeks & Neck $50.00
Skin Rejuvenation
Men & Women
Single Spots Starting at $30.00
Full Face (Perioral) $225.00
Neck $200.00
Add Hands or Neck $50.00
Lower Arms $300.00
Full Chest $250.00
Prices are based on the number of pulses required. Smaller areas start at $100 for 50 pulses. We will need to have a consultation so we may assess your needs.

Laser Hair Removal Promotion

6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions – Small Area

6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions – Medium Area

6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions – Large Area

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